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Server Busy

If you see this page, you are likely 'not a human' (you are a search engine). My Server is very busy and if allow you now grab my site, the host company will suspend my account because of likely high resource usage (mis-use) this might occur, which will affect other users on the same shared-server. Therefore, please try come later. Thank you!

Possible outcomes (email)
During a recent audit we have identified that your domain is running a number of php processes that is having a massive impact on the shared server.
To avoid further disruption we have unfortunately had to rename the htdocs folder to take the site offline.
A number of a php processes were totaling 100% CPU on the shared server. 
This as you can appreciate was having an impact on other users.
Please could you carry out an audit on the script to ensure its optimised.
Once you have done this you may rename the folder back

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